Amenity area keycards operate the card reader at the upper and lower pool gates during the pool season, as well as the card reader at the tennis court gate. The cards do not operate the pool gates after the pools have been closed for the season, however, the card can be used at the tennis court gate year-round.
A permanent keycard has been issued to each household.  If you have lost your keycard, the cost of a replacement key card is $35.00. To obtain a replacement card, please contact our Property Manager Lori Dalton via email @ or by phone @ (615) 383-1777 ext. 116
Up to three additional cards may be purchased by each household. The cost of each additional card is $35.00. To obtain one or more additional cards, please contact Property Manager Lori Dalton
Homeowner keycards are activated in May, each year, just prior to opening day for the pool season. Keycard(s) of homeowners who have not paid the current year's hoa fee due for their home, any late fee that is due or a balance due from a previous year will not be activated until the balance has been paid in full. 
If you have any other questions regarding key cards, please contact Property Manager Lori Dalton
Thank you,
Lori Dalton
Property Manager 
Timmons Properties, Inc