• chevron_rightHow does the homeowner’s association fund the expenses of the community?
    The only source of income for the homeowner’s association is the annual homeowner’s association fee
    that is due from each homeowner, therefore it is important that every homeowner pay their fee when it is
    due. The annual fee is set the preceding year by the board of directors for the community when the budget
    for the next year is adopted. Statements for the annual fee are sent in December to each homeowner. The
    fee is due January 1. Late fees are assessed after January 31.
  • chevron_rightIs there anything that can be done about cars parked on the sides of the street?
    As a matter of policy, the Board of Directors asks all residents to refrain from parking vehicles along the
    sides of streets, particularly, in situations where doing so can cause obstructions in the view of the road such
    as parking in bends in roads or parking too close to corners. Vehicles parked on the street obstruct the view
    of our neighbors when they are backing out of their driveways and create a hazard when small children are
    at play. Roadside parking should be reserved for guests, service vehicles, or special occasions. Residents
    are reminded that Association covenants call for each residence to have at a minimum a two-car garage and
    driveway space for a minimum of at least two other vehicles. The parking of boats, trailers, RV’s, and
    oversized vehicles (including heavy pickups) on the street is prohibited by covenant. All streets within
    Willoughby Station are under the jurisdiction of the City of Mount Juliet. As such, the Willoughby Station
    Board of Directors has no law enforcement powers. Cars parked on the sides of any of our streets are within
    the law as long as the vehicle does not obstruct access to fire hydrants, is parked in the direction of traffic
    flow, or is free of the sidewalk. In the event a vehicle is in violation, any resident may contact the City of
    Mount Juliet Police who would have authority to issue citations. The Board of Directors cannot issue
    citations to violators; however, it does have the authority to consider/set limited rules and regulations
    surrounding vehicle parking. City of Mount Juliet will be contacted and will tow any vehicle without tags
    parked in front of one’s property.
  • chevron_rightWhat do I do if a tree located on common ground poses a risk to my home?
    If you feel any tree on common ground poses a risk to your home, you may contact either Timmons Properties or contact a member of the Board of Directors in email or via telephone. The Board member in charge of landscape will go to assess the situation. Because such removal is at the expense of the Association, only trees or limbs deemed to be a potential safety or damage hazard will be removed, trimmed, etc. The board is under no responsibility to have unsightly trees and/or limbs which pose no safety or damage risk removed/trimmed. The cost of tree trimming/removal is very expensive. Thus, the board
    exercises great discretion.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the policy concerning motor homes, campers, boats, trailers, truck cabs, and other large vehicles?
    This is the verbiage as stated in the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants concerning: "Storage of
    Automobiles, Boats, Trailers, and Other Vehicles” (3.13). "No trailers, boat trailers, travel trailers, inoperative
    automobiles or campers shall be semi-permanently or permanently parked or stored in the public street
    right-or-way or forward of the front building line. Storage of such items and vehicles must be screened from
    public view, either within the garage or behind a fence which screens such vehicle from public view, unless
    otherwise approved in writing by the Developer in accordance with paragraph 3.2. No tractor-trailers, buses,
    or other large commercial vehicles shall be parked on driveways or in streets within the Properties for
    periods of time exceeding twelve (12) hours or for more than twenty-four (24) hours in a calendar week.”
    Under no circumstances may any such vehicle be parked in the driveway, on the street in front of one’s
    home, in one’s yard, or on any street or on any common area of the community. This also applies to guests
    of Willoughby Station homeowners.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the policy concerning placement of “Open House”, “For Rent”, “Home For Sale” signs or other signs at the Willoughby Station Entranceways or other common areas?
    With the exception of “open house signs,” neither residents nor realtors are allowed to place signs at
    either entrance or in any of the common areas.. “Open house signs” are permitted the day of the open
    house and must be removed after the open house. Any sign that is found on any common area of the
    community is subject to being removed, without notice.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the policy concerning street lights?
    The street lights in Willoughby Station are actually security lights that are rented from Middle Tennessee
    Electric by either the association (common areas) or homeowners. Installation of new lights is at the
    expense of the Association or homeowner and then a monthly fee is charged to the normal electric bill. . Any
    resident who desires installation of lighting should discuss the matter with all residents who would be in
    proximity. Remember, one resident’s opinion on lighting may not be the same as that of a neighbor. Not only
    should all residents in the vicinity agree on wanting the light, but all should agree on the location of the light.
  • chevron_rightWhat must I do if I want to add a fence, a playset, a deck, a pool, a screened porch, a treehouse, a playhouse, an addition to my home, re-landscape my yard, etc.?
    Prior to implementing any addition or change to your home or lot, you must obtain approval from the
    Board of Directors, failure to do so, could result in you having to remove the change, at your expense. You
    can obtain a copy of the Architectural Change Request Application at the Timmons web site.
    (http://frontsteps.cloud/CaliberWeb2_TimmonsProperties#), or you can contact Lori at Timmons Properties. Once you have completed the application, the application along with a copy of the plat of your lot should be either mailed, emailed or faxed to Lori at Timmons Properties.
    Mailing Address
    Timmon’s Properties, Inc.
    1114 17th Ave South, Suite 101
    Nashville, TN 37212
    Fax Number 
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact regarding any concerns, questions or suggestions that I have?
    Timmons Properties is the managing agent for the community. Lori Dalton serves as the manager for the community. She may be contacted by phone (615-383-1777 ext 116), by e-mail (ldalton@timmonsprop.com), or by mail at:
    Timmons Properties, Inc.
    1114 17th Ave South
    Nashville, TN 37212-4929
    You may also contact any board member regarding any concerns or questions you may have regarding the
    community. Contact information for the board members may be found on here Willoughby Station Board.