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Amenity Area Privileges
Posted on Jun 21st, 2010

Our property management company has received complaints regarding unruly behavior and non-residents utilizing the amenity areas, specifically the pools.
In response, the Board has adopted a new policy on this matter. Effective immediately, unruly behavior, exceeding guest limits, use of either pool during the hours that the pools are closed (11:00 P.M. to 5:00 A.M.) or other violations reported or recorded will be subject to suspension of that household's amenity privileges through key card deactivation. This is in accordance with established amenity area and pool rules.
Upon the first violation, the homeowners who the key card is registered to will be contacted and notified of the violation. Any second violation will result in a 10-day suspension of amenity privileges by deactivation of all key cards assigned to the family. An additional violation will result in a 30-day suspension. Continued violations will be subject to Board action, up to and including loss of privileges for an indefinite period of time.
Our amenity areas are for everyone's enjoyment and our goal is a pleasant experience for all families. As such, we encourage homeowners witnessing any violation of the pool rules to contact Association Management Services at 370-8094 or via email at . If the violation is noted during the hours that the pool attendants are on duty, the violation should first be reported to an attendant who may take immediate action to stop the violation and/or report it to the owner of the pool management company and the board.
Thanks and have a great summer!
Willoughby Station Homeowners Association
Board of Directors