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Posted on Mar 3rd, 2012

Please mark your calendars now for this year’s annual homeowners association meeting. The meeting will be held Thursday, March 8 in the cafeteria at the Mt. Juliet Elementary School. Registration for the meeting and the “meet and greet” time will begin at 6:00 P.M.  Refreshments will be served during this time. The meeting will begin at 7:00 P.M
Door prizes from local merchants will be given away. One ticket for the drawings will be given to each household and one ticket will be given for each proxy that is brought to the meeting.
If you think you will not be able to attend the annual meeting, please give your proxy and your ballot regarding your vote for approval of the construction of a  new baby pool to a neighbor who will be attending the meeting.  If you like, you can also fax your proxy & ballot to Association Management Services at 370-8097, e-mail them to: assoc.mgt.svcs@comcast.net or mail them to the above address.
If you can not attend the meeting, please complete all information on your proxy and ballot before giving to someone or returning to Association Management Services. Your proxy will give the homeowner which you gave the proxy to, the authority to vote on your behalf on all matters that will be voted on at the meeting, with the exception of the vote regarding the proposed new baby pool. Your vote for the proposed new pool will be counted as you indicate on your ballot.
On the back of this page is a proposed agenda for the meeting. Nominations for five positions on the board of directors will be taken from the floor at the meeting. Any homeowner who is nominated must be present at the meeting. Also, pursuant to section 5.1b of the covenants for the community, any homeowner who may be nominated and elected to a position on the board, but who is not current in the payment of their association fees,  will not be allowed to vote on any matter at the annual homeowners association meeting or vote on any matter that comes before the board, until the total amount   that is due the association has been paid. All balances due the association must be received at least one week prior to the annual association meeting.
Also included on your proxy will be an opportunity for you to vote on a renovation project to upgrade our baby pool.  The current baby pool is 10'x10' and 1' deep.  Built in 1988 it is in bad need of an upgrade. 

One plan that we are looking at  is to remove the current baby pool and use its footprint as a zero entrance to a new pool 10' wide and then approximately 20' long.  At the far end the water will only be a foot deep.  There will be four fountains that gently squirt water about 1 foot in the air and in the deeper water there will be a six foot high mushroom with water coming out of the top creating a gentle waterfall.
We will also be looking at another plan which will provide for the construction of the new pool on the south side (right side going into the pool) of the lower pool
This pool will be for the smaller residents of Willoughby Station and their parents.  The cost is currently estimated not to exceed $ 150,000.00.  This cost includes the new pool, expanded deck, adding more wall and fence plus moving any underground utilities that may be in either area..  There will be no increase in your dues to cover this.  We currently have a commitment from a local bank for a commercial loan to cover the costs.  Your association has the resources to cover these loan payments and will most likely pay off the loan long before it is due as we have done before.  Your approval to move forward with this project this year will be greatly appreciated by many mothers and fathers wanting to have a nice baby pool with some water features.  Enclosed is a picture of  a similar baby pool to help give you an idea of what our vision is of the new pool.

We look forward to seeing you March 8.
Willoughby Station HOA
Board of Directors


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